Written by Arel Moodie • November 14, 2017

There are dozens of niches, and there are niches within niches. For example, there is the college market. I love this market. I have clients at colleges who have booked me every year for the past decade. (Think about how awesome that really is and how awesome that would be for you?) They transfer to a new school for a new job, and they keep bringing me in. It’s honestly an amazing niche. Where other niches may book you once and that’s it, the college market has the ability to bring you in year after year, because every year new students are admitted. Makes sense doesn’t it?

If you have any interest in speaking at a college, add this niche to your repertoire.

And there are oh-so-many sub-niches WITHIN the college niche. One of these is the Greek market, which includes sororities and fraternities on college campuses across the country. This market is great because many colleges see Greek organizations as prime leadership development groups. Sororities and fraternities are always attracting new members, and they can have a big influence on campus. You, as a speaker, can help them make sure their influence is positive one.

Colleges invest a lot of money into training and education for Greek societies on topics such as leadership development, alcohol awareness, life skills, team-building, and many more.

This is a great niche to service if your message could help them. And NO, you don’t have to be in a fraternity or sorority yourself to speak! While membership definitely can help, it is not mandatory.

You can reach out to campuses individually, or you can present in front of many organizations at their association conference. Through the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values, or AFLV (http://www.aflv.org/), many Greeks from different colleges around the country gather in one place. This would be a great place to do a breakout session, present a keynote on the main stage, or become a vendor.

In the True Speaking Success System, we show you which conferences to attend to create the potential for many speaking opportunities, what to do while you’re there to not waste your time or money, and how to leave with a massive number of qualified leads. Our unique strategies provide you with an incredible return on your investment while helping you to influence young lives at a high level.

Wishing you True Speaking Success!

-Arel Moodie

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