Written by Arel Moodie • December 14, 2017

Everyone has a unique X-factor that makes them stand out from other speakers and get speaking engagements. You could say this X-factor creates a moat around your speaking business. A moat keeps people out of your castle. Your X-factor is what’s special about you, hard for others to replicate, and gets you hired over your competition.

Think about a committee sitting down to hire a speaker. It’s between you and three other people who speak on a similar topic. Why will they choose you? It can’t be based on content alone, because all speakers “claim” they have good content.

EVERYONE, including you, has an X-factor; you just need to figure out what yours is and make sure potential clients know about it. If you’re struggling to discover yours, ask yourself two questions:

  • What is unique about my personal story?
  • What makes me relatable, or what do I have in common with other people?

Either way can work. You may have climbed Mount Everest (making you unique), or you might just be a regular guy or gal who figured something out (making you relatable).

My X-factor is that I grew up on welfare, in the projects of Brooklyn, New York, before I went to and graduated from college. That’s where I started. From there, it became the story of a kid from the hood who built multiple six- and seven-figure speaking businesses.

Whatever your X-factor is, focus on it all the time. Mention it in your speaking engagements, put it in your marketing materials, highlight it on your website, include it in your social media bio section, and make it part of your book. You want people to think of your story when they think of you. This is the key!

In the True Speaking Success System, we will show you game-changing ways on how to find your X-factor and build a brand that attracts clients to want to work with you.

Wishing you True Speaking Success!

-Arel Moodie

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