Written by Arel Moodie • January 4, 2018

The key to becoming an in-demand speaker is solving a problem that your prospective clients are struggling with and are ready to fix. Convincing people that they have a problem that they should book and pay you to solve is an unnecessary uphill battle. Find problems that people are already willing to pay money to fix!

There are hundreds of people and groups who want to pay for a speaker right now. For example, colleges RIGHT NOW will pay you to solve the following problems:

  • increasing student engagement with campus activities,
  • developing student leaders,
  • eliminating sexual assaults and harassment,
  • decreasing alcohol abuse,
  • increasing financial literacy, and
  • helping students make smart dating choices.

This is just a small list for this demographic.

If you evaluate what subjects you already have expertise in or develop ways to solve one of these problems and present those solutions to the client—the RIGHT decision-maker—you will get paid—and paid well—to speak professionally. If you need to convince a group that you’re worth booking, offer your services for free a few times.

In our True Speaking Success System, we literally give you a list of contacts with a huge budget for speakers within a specific niche, tell you what their main goals are (so you can perfectly tailor your message to them), share their up-to-date contact information, AND let you in on exactly what they can budget for you as a speaker. Yes, we’ll tell you the exact amount of money they have AND what they need to spend. What could you do if you knew this? We call it the “Goose that Lays the Golden Egg.”

Regardless of whether you invest to be part of the True Speaking Success System (which I highly encourage you consider)s, just know that to succeed, you have to get clear on what problem you are solving for the people who have the power to book you.

Wishing you True Speaking Success!

-Arel Moodie

Founder of The True Speaking Success System


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