I hear a lot of people say they are “all in” for making their speaking career a success. They have wonderful visions of speaking to and influencing so many people. But if you really look at their day-to-day actions, you might see a very different story.

Make a list of all the actions you are currently aware of that you need to take to make your speaking business a success. How many of them are you actually doing each day? For most people, it’s surprising to see the gap between what you know you should be doing and what you’re currently doing (and what’s worse is many don’t even know what steps to take right now!).

If you don’t even know what actions you should be taking, The True Speaking Success System spells out everything you need to do to build a successful—and profitable—speaking business from start to finish.

Don’t leave your success up to chance. Leave it to a system. Systems are the reason a company like McDonald’s can run a multimillion-dollar restaurant with mostly teenage employees. Create a checklist of the most important steps you think you can take to develop and promote your speaking business. Go through that checklist every single day, doing as many of those steps as you can. Your list should definitely include the following five activities that we address in the True Speaking Success System:

  • building your brand
  • marketing your services
  • converting more sales
  • improving your workflow
  • becoming a better speaker

Basically, you should always be asking: “What activities will I do today to improve my current business and my future business?” Every day you must work to achieve both of these goals. If you set yourself up daily for current and future success, you are ahead of almost everyone else in the game.

Wishing you True Speaking Success!

-Arel Moodie

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