If you want to be a great professional speaker, you have to market yourself. You can become a great speaker by learning how to present your topic on a stage. But to be a great PROFESSIONAL speaker—to get paid and build a living from speaking—you have to successfully market and sell your services.

A big mistake many would be speakers make in marketing is known as “one-and-done” marketing. You may have sent out one big e-mail blast, done one expensive mass-mailing campaign, and then sat back waiting for the speaking opportunities to pour in… But not much actually happened.

So you think something must be wrong, since no one responded. Now, sure, there could be a problem with the marketing materials you sent out. But odds are, your biggest problem is actually that you did one-and-done marketing.

The key is to have a “campaign mind-set” instead. When you do marketing, odds are that one individual thing you do isn’t going to move the needle into getting speaking engagements.

Think about a movie that’s about to come out. If you hear one radio ad for it, it might pique your interest, but you’ll just move on with your day. But now you see a billboard, a banner ad on a website, a facebook ad, and a blog post or article about it. Then you see a trailer on YouTube, one of the actors appears on a talk show, and your friend mentions this movie to you, and all of a sudden, you REALLY want to go see that movie. A campaign consists of multiple different points of contact.

In the movie example, which step was the one that made you want to go see the movie? It wasn’t any single step. It was the combination of all of them.

I once asked a client why her group decided to work with me when it did. She told me she received a postcard from me, then an e-mail. She also saw me at a conference and heard me speak on a podcast. When her group met in their committee meeting to choose a speaker, she said they chose me because I was everywhere, so I must be good.

When you market, lose the “one-and-done” mentality and shift to a “campaign mindset”. Campaign marketing is marketing like a BOSS!

In the True Speaking Success System, we show a rock-solid marketing system that will get you booked over and over again so you can share your message and change the world as a professional speaker.

Wishing you True Speaking Success!

-Arel Moodie

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