Tampa, FL | July 23-25, 2017

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Arel Moodie, professional speaker Founder of the True Speaking Success 


Arel in the media

The True Speaking Success Summit is the event you have been waiting for if getting constant professional speaking engagements is a priority to you now. This event shows you how to rock the stage and become one of the most in-demand speakers in your niche. We also show you how to create a continuous funnel of new speaking opportunities. Regardless of your goals, whether you want to get paid to speak at other people's events, or if you want to become a rockstar speaker to grow your current influence in your business/niche, this is the 3-day, all-actionable content, fully immersive, completely fun, and absolutely effective event you have been searching for, guaranteed!

Arel has learned from and shared the stage with some of the country's top minds.

What to Expect

If you want to create a real impact in the world, massively increasing your speaking skills and learning how to professionally do it is key in taking your career to the next level, whether getting paid to speak or impacting your organization like a world class professional. This Summit teaches incredible speaking skills and how to run an effective speaking career.

You'll uncover a marriage of two of the most important aspects of succeeding as a speaker. The art and the business of speaking. If you are a professional who needs to present publicly for your career, this event will show you how to wow your audience in a truly transformational way. This isn't a basic speaking 101 kind of experience, at all. This is going to show you how to command a room like the best of the best by teaching the strategies that most other speaking coaches simply don't know. 

Then you'll also learn the professional side. How to create more speaking opportunities, how to get a full calendar, and how to get compensated well to do it. You will gain a holistic approach with specific, tangible skills that gives you a detailed blue print for what action YOU can best take to make this year the best yet.


Day 1: Sunday, July 23rd  

8:00-9:00am: Registration

9:00-10:30am: Opening Session -- Secrets of successful professional speakers, how to clarify your message, and how to create a positive impact on the world with that message  

10:30-10:45am: Action Break  

10:45-12:15pm: YOUR Ideal Niche(s) Market, How to Find the Most Opportunities Within Them and How to Attract Them to Hire You to Speak  

12:15-2:00pm: Working Lunch on Defining Your Niche  

2:00-3:30pm: Outreach Implementation, Hit list creation, Q&A  

3:30-5pm: Positioning Secrets and Strategies  

5pm-6:30pm; Dinner Break  

6:30pm-8:00pm: Corporate Speaker and Mentalist Michael Karl puts on an AMAZING magic and mentalist show and then teaches you a training on how to read people and use body language and communication to ethically get what you want  

Day 2: Monday, July 24th 

9:00-10:30am: The secrets of AMAZING presentation skills. How to instantly make any audience your best friend, how to deliver a presentation that will not be forgotten, that will leave your audience taking action, how to get rebooked and referred.  

10:30-11:00am: Action Break  

11:00-12:30pm: The secrets of AMAZING presentation skills continued.  

12:30-2:00pm: Lunch Break/Action session  

2:00-3:00pm: Learn the skills of ethical and powerful sales persuasion. Regardles of where you are in your career, you have to move people to action. Erica L. Martin has an incredible track record of closing high end clients. How to conduct the sales conversation to naturally want to take action to work more closely with you and she will be revealing her system for the first time outside of her personal coaching clients that pay up to $50,000 per year to learn from her.  

3:00-3:15pm: Break  

3:15-4:30pm: What’s Working Right Now -- In this panel, you will hear from multiple speakers in different niches about what strategies they are using right now that are getting them the best results  

4:30-6:00: Dinner break  

6:00-7:00pm: Special bonus session  

Day 3: Tuesday, July 25th 

9:00-10:15am: Mastering online marketing and creating an online sales funnel that keeps qualified leads coming to you taught by international speaker and 7-figure entrepreneur Duane Spires  

10:15-10:30am: Break  

10:30am-12:00pm: How to create an client attracting speaker demo video and demo videos being shot for attendees

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch and Conurrent Demo Videos being shot

1:00-7:00pm: Atendees will have the opportuity to film a high quality speaker demo video  

*sessions may run longer or shorter depending on length of audience interactions and participation

Let me tell you more

Public speaking has absolutely changed my life and when you learn to truly be effective at it and leverage your skills, it will change your life too. Regardless if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, an influential business mind, a dedicated educator, a top sales person, a driven politician or just someone dedicated to doing good in the world, effective public speaking and communication skills absolutely put you in a class all by yourself.

Think about the people you admire the most. Think about the people who make the biggest impact. They use public speaking to drive home their message and move people to action.

Arel Moodie speaking

I have spoken at some of the toughest schools. I've had teachers tell me before I speak "Good luck! This group is terrible and can't pay attention". These are some of my favorite groups to speak to. Whether it's the inner city or rural America, I heard the same thing. And I loved it because in one hour, I was able to take a group of kids who wanted NOTHING to do with me, and by the end of it, they were high fiving, listening and enjoying school! How cool is that?!?

Audience arel moodie

As the years went on and my business started developing, I started getting opportunities to speak on other stages in bigger niches, and I wondered if I could do it? Could I speak to businesses, high profile entrepreneurs, government groups? At that time, most of my speaking experience was with students.

But it turns out, that my background speaking to students was my greatest professional gift. As I started speaking to seasoned business owners, government officials and others, I realized the ability to layer great content on top of an attention grabbing speaker style was key. 

Some people focus just on great content but are as exciting as plain toast. Others are all rah-rah with no content.  

Arel speaking in Switzerland
Arel speaking at a conference

A speaker who can blend the two is rare. These are the people dominating their niche, and these are the people who are in-demand, right? 

Well, yes and no... Knowing how to deliver an incredible message in an authentic and entertaining way is important, but you also need to be able to systematically know how to get booked for speaking events. 

Let me explain... 

When I first started my career, I was absolutely frustrated. 

I grew up in the projects in Brooklyn, NY on welfare. I didn't have a network. I started my first online real estate focused business. After growing that startup, I started speaking and I thought I was a good presenter but I knew I could get better. I saw these other people getting booked way more than me and I thought to myself "I know I can do this, I just don't know how". 

I had a lot to learn about not just what makes a presenter good, but how to become a transformational speaker. Someone who can get booked and move people to action. 

I learned from top entrepreneurs and spent years (over a decade now) studying the best presenters and honing my craft in the real world, giving tons of presentions all over the country in various niches.

Over 1,000 professional presentations later...

Over 500,000 people impacted...

Multi-millions of dollars in revenue generated...

Spoken in 48 states and 5 countries...

What was fascinating though, is that after my speaking engagements I would get 2 questions the most. 

-How do I become a great presenter? 

-How do I become a professional speaker? 

The truth is, I wished I had a book or an event to send people to. But there wasn't one book or one event that I felt explained the whole process well. 

I was always so busy speaking that I didn't have the time to teach people.  

However, I had an ephiphany when my first son was born. I held him in my arms and asked myself a very, VERY important question... 

"What am I building?"

Moodie Family

My family

I realized to create a future that would be worthwhile for my kids, I had to impact more people. I had to impact more than just the people within the crowds of my speaking engagements. 

What if I could impact the impacters? What if I could empower people who had knoweldge and skill sets I just did not possess. What if I could layer what I learned about impacting people through the art and business of speaking on top of their unique gifts and talents? 

That my friend, is what lead to the creation of this unique event, The True Speaking Success Summit.

150% Money-Back-Guarantee

Attend the first day, and if you don't feel like you've gotten more than what you could have imagined, if you feel like if after Day 1 alone you don't have enought actionable content to revolutionize your speaking business, you can ask for a full refund and you'll get it with no trouble at all. Not only will you get your money back, I'll pay you 50% above what you paid for your ticket price for wasting your time. If the content is not that mind-blowing to you, I'm wasting your most precious resource, your time. And I'll give you your money back and then some.

I can offer this because I've been to a ton of trainings and most of them stink. The True Speaking Success Summit is uniquely different in its approach, philosophies and strategies. This experience will blow your mind, guaranteed. Our money is where our mouth is.

 Think About It This Way...

What if you come to this event and you are only able to get just one speaking engagement from it. Let's say you invest in attending the True Speaking Success Summit and because of it you are only able to get one highly paid speaking engagement for thousands of dollars. What would it be worth to you to make it down for the event? 

Now to be 100% transparent, I can't promise that you will do this. I have no idea who you are, what you talk about, how dedicated you are, your work ethic or anything like that, so I don't want you to think I'm blindly promising you this result. Results are not typical because most people don't work. 

What if you got just one speaking engagement at $2,500? Would an ROI like that be worth it. What if you got 10 or 20 or even more? What if you only got one extra speaking engagement this year, and you did it again next year, and the year after that? Would it be a worthwhile investment?

What if you learn exactly what you need to create that wow presentation for you next big event? Would that be worth your time to have this strategy at your disposal year after year?

Of course it would. There are few investments that could pay that kind of ROI. The investment in yourself is always the best you can make. One simple idea from this event could easily lead you to getting a speaking engagement. And you will get so many ideas from this TSS Summit!

Isn't it time you step out of the stands and got onto the court to play this game? No more passively watching, it's time to take action!


Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about your professional speaking career.

Arel Moodie


Founder & CEO

True Speaking Success

Arel Moodie has spoken to over 500,000 people in 48 states and 5 countries. He has spoken at colleges, high schools, associations, companies, government groups and others. He started out as a kid from the projects in Brooklyn, NY to running a million dollar speaking business and will show you his strategies to set yourself at the head of the pack.

Duane Spires


Co-Founder & CEO

Business Specialist

Duane Spires is a master marketer. He has grown several businesses to over a million dollar in sales. He owns an extremely successful coaching program in a niche many people have never heard of and will show you how to out market to everyone else and create a coaching program that really is effective and creates a life of you dreams.


Corporate Speaker 

Speaker and Mentalist

Michael Karl is a Corporate Speaker and Mentalist for Fortune 500 companies. These companies include MARS, Indeed, AT&T, Hilton, Marriott, Priceline, Cablevision, NBA and many more. Michael is constantly asked to speak at corporate events about the psychology of sales, communication skills, and body language.

Erica L. Martin

Erica L.Martin 

Sales Specialist

Conversion Queen 

Erica L. Martin has been closing high ticket sales for over 12 years. She started her first 6 figure business at 18 years old and has since taken that business to 7-figures in sales. In the past 24 months alone she’s closed over $1.5 Million in sales, primarily over the phone, with people she’d never even met in person! She will be showing you her unique strategies that have helped her clients add $10 million in addiaional revenue to their businesses.

Geo Derice

Attending the True Speaking Success Summit was an eye-opening experience for me. Not only did I learn marketing, sales, and how to put together incredible presentations, but I discovered a simple mindset shift that has activated my productivity and killed my procrastination habits. Not to mention I’m booking speaking engagements at colleges, and the principles I’ve learned helped me close a 5 figure speaking contract.

-Geo Derice


Within two months of attending the True Speaking Success Summit I was able to book my first ever College speaking engagement! This was just the kick in the pants I needed to get my speaking career off the grand. The content and support is incredible. This is THE event you need to attend to get your speaking career going in the right direction!

-Paladin Jordan


Paladin Jordan
Andrea Ashcraft

I can not say enough good things about the True Speaking Success Summit. I was able to get clarity on my message, my unique brand, and what message is best of me to share with the world. I'm so excited to finally have clarity on what next steps to take! Arel and his content is everything you could want and more. I was even able to deliver a speaking engagement within two months of the TSS Summit and I knew exactly what to do at the event to maximize the experience and I don't event have a website...yet :) Thank you Arel!

-Andrea Ashcraft

I have spoken on some big stages but had speaking engagements coming in here and there. I wanted to get a more steady flow. After attending the True Speaking Success Summit, I finally had a plan of action THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. I was immediately able to book multiple speaking engagements by using Arel's "Get in front of the deciscion maker's" plan

-Tonya Rapley


Tonya Rapley

Be Part of The Best Professional Speaker Training for Business Growth!


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